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tv   ABC 11 Eyewitness News at 500 AM  ABC  February 22, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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the cold case trial begins today. how police were able to crack the murder. barbara: how you can help a person injured in a deadly crash involving a car going backwards on i-40. john: wish granted for 106-year-old woman whose visit to the white house makes headlines. good morning, carolina, welcome on monday february 22. 55 degrees. i'm john clark. barbara: i'm barbara gibbs. thank you for joining us. meteorologist don schwenneker is in the first alert storm center weather. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door this morning we've got patchy fog and a little bit of light rain to the north and east and temperatures not changing that much. they stay even all day. in the 50's. lunchtime 55. moment. we have dropped now. we are at 52 degrees under cloudy skies with fog. 50 chapel hill.
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48 in sanford and 56 fayetteville. 53 goldsboro and 54 roanoke rapids. a look at the day ahead, by lunchtime we are hovering in the mid 50's with cloudy skies. a few showers and 56. we will talk about the seven-day forecast in a bit. barbara: thank you. john: jury selection begins in a raleigh cold case murder. barbara: the victim was a 20-year-old shaw university student. the suspect was her boy friend at the time. anthony wilson is live with how police were able to tie him to the 1996 murder. anthony: good morning, barbara. they charged him twice. the first time when he was an n.c. state student. they said he killed her because she refused to have an abortion but that was dropped. then they checked key evidence and charged him again in 2014. that is when raleigh and charlotte mecklinburg police arrested him in cornelius after
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she was a 20-year-old shaw university student. detectives investigated and determined she was killed on may 17, 1996. construction workers found her remains off u.s. one near catrell in march of 1997. he was originally charged then it was dismissed but he was indicted after additional tests were performed on earlier evidence. jury selection begins today and we will keep you updated on twitter, abc11 mental app and on live outside the wake county justice center anthony wilson, abc 11 eyewitness news. john: thank you, anthony. also at wake county justice center closing arguments expected to start in traveon smith's sentencing hearing. a jury convicted him last week of killing melissa huggins joins in her apartment in may of 2013. smith could get the dependent. during the sentencing hearing the defense has called several relatives who painted a picture
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attempt to save his life. you can watch live streaming video on barbara: a military family is asking for prayers after a violent crash seriously injured a mother of twin girls. amber: firefighters had to cut lakhisa williams out of the vehicle she was in. the crash was when another driver was driving in reverse on i-40 near aviation parkway leaving the tkraoeufrdriver benita martinez dead and williams the mother of twins badly injured. this picture taken by her house shows her in a hospital room with a neck brace with broken bones. joshua matthews said the injuries come as she was dealing with a broken ankle from a recent call and after she had relearned to walk after injuries in another car accident a few years ago.
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alive. amber: troopers believe alcohol was a factor in the crash that caused martinez to drive in reverse. la'keshia may be able to go home in a few weeks but won't be healed. if you want to they have a go fund me page and you can find the link on john: no charges have been filed in a crash that injured fore bicyclists in johnston county. it was saturday in angier. you see the bicycles left mangled in the road. they all had to be taken to the hospital. the highway patrol says two of the victims are critical. we found the driver donny williams crying on the side the road after the accident. charges are pending against williams. they say alcohol and speed were not factors. barbara: we are working to learn the name of a person killed in a wreck in orange county.
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along the tree line around 2:00 sunday morning. one other was taken to want hospital. we are waiting to hear about their conditions. in moore county no carjacks in a two-hour sand -- no charges are filed in a standoff. an officer knocked on the door of this house on pinehurst avenue and police officers heard what sounded like a gunshot from the back. the aberdeen times reports several houses were evacuated. eventually a man and woman came out around 4:00 and told police they had been asleep. john: raleigh police hope you will recognize the suspect here. they believe he is responsible for breaking into multiple cars in north raleigh february 13. he is rifling through a car in someone's car. calendar /- six minutes after five.
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barbara: a house leveled by an explosion. how a thief is responsible. and how a man barely skaefped with his -- escaped with his life. john: and the white house guest who is meeting with the president is going viral. we will so you the video. don: as you head out we have showers in the northeast part of
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we have that (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to social security, we need more than lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk.
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don: welcome back.
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you want to send the rain gear with the kids. it will be foggy and cloudy. if you accepted umbrella coming home they could see a shower. temperatures across the region in the 50's. 50 south hill. 50 roxboro. 52 louisburg, 51 chapel hill and 48 sanford, 56 goldsboro, 55 southern pines and 56 fayetteville. we have patchy fog and 52 degrees. lunchtime we go 55 under cloudy skies and through the late day the rain i talked in. 54 degrees. wet afternoon possible. tomorrow more rained could see thunderstorms midweek. we will talk about that in the complete forecast in a couple of weeks. barbara: an arrest marks the latest step in a issue. antonio knight is arrested friday after chasing him from the lowe's parking lot rocky mount. he was carrying 120 bundles of heroin with an estimated street
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john: to the must see videos, talk about making an entrance want dineers in india had a lucky escape when this car crashed through the front window of the building. this closed caption tv footage shows the moment of the crash as it narrowly strides seriously -- avoids injuring them. the person lost control when the currents.
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condition. a special moment at the white house on camera yesterday as president obama greeted 106-year-old virginia mclawrence. she was very excited to meet the president and first lady. when introduced to them she busted out some dance moves with the two. when asked by the president her secret to be dancing at 106 she said you keep moving. she later said she was there to celebrate black history and never thought she would see a black president. she has a whole social media campaign going in an effort to meet president obama which reported a petition started more than a year ago. she made it. barbara: she did it. good for her.
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how a power outage may have
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barbara: the john: 52 degrees and 5:4. here is a look at the headlines. jury selection in a cold case murder trial is expected to begin today. edwin lawing is charged with killing lecoy mcqueen in 1996. she was a shaw university student at the time. police say lawing killed her after she refused to have an abortion. 45-year-old suspect arrested in connection with a weekend rampage that left six dead in kalamazoo, michigan, is due in court today. jason dalton is expected to be arraigned on measured. he was arrested without incident sunday after a massive manhunt. no reason for the rampage. lawyers for the company that made the rifle used in the sandy
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are expected to ask a judge to dismiss a wrongful death lawsuit filed by families of some victims. barbara: the supreme court is back in session today for the first time since the death of antonin scalia. john roberts is expected to mention scalia's passing from the bench. president obama will pick a successor. today bill cosby's wife is scheduled to give her deposition in the defamation lawsuit against him.
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to stop it but itcharges of sexual assault in pennsylvania. john: carbon monoxide poisoning could be the blame for six family members in michigan. there were discovered yesterday in a home near flint. it appears they had a generator running in the basement after power outage. authorities say remember should always run generators in well ventilated areas. barbara: people are recovering after an out of control a.t.v. slammed into them in new orleans. police were trying to stop the man who had several people on the back of the four wheeler when he lost control. once it stopped it caught fire and police say the driver tried to run away from the scene but was caught by officers. none of the officers is life threatening. john: new zealand marks five years since the christ church earthquake where 185 were killed.
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and ruined the city center which is still being rebuilt. a memorial service held today including a minute of silence at the exact time that it struck. barbara: an oklahoma man barely escapes and explosion that leveled his home. john: he made five steps before it exploded sending him flying. amazingly he was not injured in the natural gas explosion. officials say the salesperson for a new housing community went to the home to check the interimer system. when he opened the garage door he smelled gas and turned to leave and went five steps. you see insulation and shattered glass. four other homes were damage the. someone stole the stove causing a leak. barbara: we are counting down to the oscars and this sunday some of hollywood's best will gather for the academy awards. will it be the year for leonardo dicaprio to win the statue? he appears to be the odds on
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oscar sunday. barbara: that will be sunday here. then watch us monday morning for a wrap-up of the behind the scenes action and red carpet fashion. that is the best part. see what everybody is wearing. john: who they are wearing. barbara: exactly.
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up for the academy awards. don: what is the one where he is the astronaut? barbara: the martian. don: that is the only one i have seen. i loved it. barbara: my favorite is brooklyn. go see it. really good. john: my eyes glaze over. barbara: i'm telling you. it is excellent. probably not playing any more. don: a good couple of days to stay in. today, tomorrow, wednesday. rain chances wednesday 80% and we are in a slight risk for severe weather. taking a live look at radar and we have one batch of showers south and east of roanoke rapids and you get up into halifax and northampton counties you can see the shower activity right now running along murray treesboro -- murfreesboro pulling off
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other than that the rest of the region relatively dry. raleigh it is 52, dew point 52 and those numbers match we get 100% humidity. we see patchy fog and we have some around. temperatures across the area in chapel hill. 56 fayetteville. 52 goldsboro. 54 wilson, 54 in roanoke rapids. looking at the visibility from across the region, a half mile in chapel hill. four miles r.d.: 1.25 miles sanford. three quarters mile smithfield. certainly some patchy fog to deal with. lots of clouds. they will be with us and rain the next couple of days. 5:00 this afternoon we have scattered showers returning. i believe we will be relatively dry. then showers late day. showers overnight into tomorrow morning and wet overnight and as we go through the afternoon
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then wednesday the next round of showers and embedded we could see a thunderstorm and we are under a slight risk of severe weather for wednesday. today cloudy and patchy fog. temperatures in the 50's all day. 55 lunchtime and this afternoon cloudy skies, a few showers and 54 by 5:00. across the reasonable today temperatures in the 50's. 55 chapel hill. 56 garner, 56 holly springs. 59 fayetteville. 57 this afternoon in goldsboro. 58 pine hrgs, 49 south hill. 57 tarboro and 50 roxboro. back into the 40's for overnight lows. 41 henderson, 46 fayetteville. 43 durham. 46 goldsboro. powered by accuweather showing temperatures tomorrow back into the 40's with rain likely, more in the morning. tomorrow into wednesday another round of showers wednesday and could have thunderstorms with gusty winds. thursday showers and skies clear out and friday, saturday and
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temperatures around 50. missing from that forecast just one day with us getting below freezing. barbara: not upset about that. john: i really miss it. barbara: thank you. 5:23. popular toys facing recall. john: details on that ahead. plus the gift we keep getting at
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barbara: nascar season opening race with a thriller to the end. denny hamlin led most of the afternoon but then needed a late surge to win. he was running fourth on the final lap before making the move to the outside nudging matt kenseth and powering by martin truex jr. he won by .01 second. an estimated four inches. that is the closest inch in the hit of the daytona 500. john: that is chose.lose. barbara: hover board models maying recalled if safety- may be recalled. john: they have more good news at the pump. >> topping america's money gas prices heading her again. the national average is now $1.71 a gallon almost 15 less than a month ago. we are not likely to see significant changes because crude oil prices have
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retailers are pulling hover boards after the government declared it is certified as safe. it has been at the source of more than 50 fires in 24 states. the feds would requirements set. marvel's "deadpool" still on top of the box office and could be one of the most successful r rated movies ever after taking in $55 million over the weekend. kung fu panda was second. that is america's money. barbara: it is 5:27. north carolina senator thom tillis endorses one of the republican presidential candidates. john: we will tell you who he throws his support behind. a north carolina woman badly
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th barbara: emotional ceremony to remember the victims of a shooting rampage in michigan. the suspect makes his first court appearance. gloria rodriguez i'm gloria rodriguez at the wake county justice center. i will have the h where the race is now. barbara: good morning, carolina, welcome on monday february 22. i'm barbara gibbs. john: i'm john clark. thank you for tuning in. we will get to the stories but first weather and traffic together. here is meteorologist don schwenneker in the first alert storm center. don: good morning to you. as you head out the door the temps are not going to change much. it will be 50's all day. the next 12 hours we are in the low 50's through 9:00. by 11:00 we are only at 54 and


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